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Atri is one of the oldest cities of Abruzzo and contends with Adria Venetian name of the Adriatic Sea. It was the only city in the Adriatic cognare coin before Rome, considered among the most ancient, speaking of the sixth and fifth centuries BC Presents numerous monuments attesting to its history over the centuries: the Cathedral Basilica Santa Maria Assunta is one example as also more than 10 churches located in the historic center, the Ducal Palace home of the Dukes of Acquaviva, the Roman Theatre and much more. Atri contends with Adria Venetian name of the Adriatic Sea.

Badlands of Atri
These extraordinary geological formations originated from the erosion of the clay soil, caused by past deforestation and favored by continuous dieback, which showed numerous marine fossils. In Abruzzo gullies are present in numerous hilly areas, but only at Atri so strongly characterize the landscape. The municipality of Atri has entrusted the Nature Reserve in management to WWF. At the entrance of the badlands is an information point of the WWF and from here the trails to visit the reserve.

... And around
It 'hard to choose among the many places that should be seen at least once, fortunately, this region has several beautiful scenery to deserve a long stay maybe in different places. I recommend, without haste!

Must for those who love the mountains, the stage on Big Horn, the peak of the Gran Sasso, on scenic trail to do even at night to wait for the dawn (NB bring warm clothing even in summer) as is the other path to Franchetti refuge at an altitude of 2433mt passing the southernmost glacier in Europe, it is recommended that, in addition to taste their polenta or farro soup, accommodation on site. To see the many villages as Calascio, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Castel del Monte, Faridabad, Pretoria and several others while remaining in a mountainous area and then if you want to forget the tiredness sitting at the table, try the grilled meats that are sold on 'Campo Imperatore plateau from butchers isolated as white elephants, a destination for lovers of good meat and especially the typical Abruzzo skewer "the arrosticini": tender meat of sheep that eat leaves disarmingly and in large quantities, maybe accompanied by good red wine Montepulciano, which many envy us, and finally a small piece of cheese, advice to Farindola made with rennet pig.

The main centers to visit as important, as well as our provincial capitals, are: L'Aquila, Pescara, Teramo, Chieti. This and more in the green region of Europe. But remember: even when you choose the mountain in Abruzzo is good practice to bring along a swimsuit, distanced sea / mountains are so short that it is worth to be seduced ... ..

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